Saturday, December 22, 2012

Proper dental care

My wife and my kids are going to the Philippines soon and my wife will take advantage of the time being there by having her dental care done because it’s more affordable over there compared to here in the States. We went to her dentist a couple of months ago thinking that she’s leaving the clinic with her teeth cleaned because that was our purpose of going there. However, the dentist just checked her teeth and gave her quote of what needs to be done with her teeth. We were shock to see the quote; it was 5 thousand dollars, which was so discouraging because our insurance won’t cover most of the expense. My wife decided to get it done while she will be in her hometown. I believe she will have Receding gums treatment too because majority of her teeth has gaps or pockets and that’s where harmful bacteria usually breeds. I know that my wife is thrilled and excited to her up coming vacation because she will come back home with a pretty smile, a smile that she had been waiting for a very long time now. My wife is beautiful regardless of her teeth and I always let her know that, I love her for what she is and that’s the truth. Whatever makes my wife happy I will support her all the way. But for now I get my wife this ultra soft toothbrush that will help her prevent from having gum recession.

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