Thursday, January 17, 2013

I need air and water filtration

My wife hates to drink water from our faucet and no matter how much I try to convince her she just won’t listen. She told me that our tap water taste rusty. I really can’t tell the difference between tap water and the bottled water, I think they taste the same. But for some reason my wife is not convinced. I think I should get a water filter that way I can give an assurance to my wife that it’s ok to drink tap water. Well I don’t really mind buying the 5 gallons of water every other day but I think we can save some money when we start drinking tap water. Drinking tap water is really not a new thing for my wife because that’s what she drinks back in her home. At least with water filter it’s going to make our tap water clean and safe for drinking. I found water filter at Electrolux. They have numerous electrolux home products parts that every household can use. They even have the air and water filtration system for my refrigerator, I need one to help reduce if not get rid of the odor in our refrigerator. It’s my fault because I often leave the food uncover inside the fridge.

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