Monday, February 18, 2013

My taxes for 2012 are finally done

Finally! I can say that I'm done with our tax papers for year 2012 and as expected will receive a refund from federal and state. It used to not always be this way  for me that I would have my taxes done so early. When I was single I used to wait till the last minute to do my taxes and I used to file them myself, not hire a professional tax accountant to do them for me but after I got married and had 2 kids things got more complicated so now I don't dare do them myself for fear of making a mistake and having get red flagged by the IRS and audited. I know of many people at work who owe taxes every year, that's why they wait till the last day to file. I have our payroll department at work withhold additional tax from every check I earn so that I know I'm not going to owe any money. Also, depending on how much you earn will determine how much you will pay in taxes and ultimately if you will owe taxes or get a refund. I hate to owe money to anyone. I filed my tax papers in our file cabinet today and now I'm not worrying about the IRS till next year. How about you? 

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