Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beef broccoli stir fry (Asawa's version)

Man! My wife made the bomb dinner the other night. I don't know what she did but it was so tasty i was licking the plate after i finished the hard core pieces. It was some kinda stir fry I've never seen before or tasted for that matter. I think she slaved over the stove for about an hour chopping this and that and anything she could find in the refrigerator vegetable section. Not only did i have it for dinner but i took it to work with me the following day for my lunch. It's best served on top of a bed of fresh white rice. I like alot of my foods spicy and hot so i thru in some sweet and sour sauce i got from home. Geez, these are some good tender viddles. Thanks honie for taking care of your hubby. There's one saying that i truly believe in. I don't know who made it up but I'm sure many of you asawa's out there know the saying. " The way to a man's heart is thru his stomach" God bless the person who made that one up. here's the ingredients she used to make this work of art:

Beef cut into strips
red bell peppers
potatoes cut into little cubes
tomatoes cut into little cubes
various seasonings (my wife's secret)


janus said...

That saying is really very famous here in the Philippines. Damn,I am very proud of Filipinas... They are the best cooks in the world, though I also cook. You see the trait of us Filipinos, being resourceful... We use stuffs that we see in our fridge and not wanting those that aren't available as of the moment. We differentiate needs from our wants... we come from a third world country that's why being resourceful is always a best approach to our lives... Daan lang! Magandang Araw sa iyo! :D

michaelwood59 said...

Yeah, thats what i'm trying to say. resourceful! my wife has such creative mind. and you know not just cooking but also when she came here to america she fix up my apartment and turn it into something nice just out of ordinary things that i'm just so amazed. she should become artist instead of housewife