Monday, November 19, 2007

Spending the evening with family

Yesterday i came home from work pretty tired since the previous night i only got 4 hours sleep because my 1 year old son Ethan was crying all night and my wife and i don't know why. I work so hard yesterday. I work for Veolia Transportation in Chula Vista as a bus mechanic and so yesterday i worked rather hard. I came home expecting my wife and i to go out food shopping then come home but she wanted me to take our son to plaza bonita in national city so Ethan can play in the kids play area. He always have fun playing with the other kids. He always get so excited. You know how little children are, they just have so much energy, we all had fun. Anyways, my wife text me at work today and when i receive the txt message I'm having gut feelings its bad news. I waited 5 minutes before i look at my message and sure enough, bad news. My wife says Ethan is crying a lot when he walk and he's limping on his left leg. Geez! I told her call the doctor and see if they can see Ethan today and she tell me they can so we went to his doctor and i was praying it wasn't bad coz you know how my wife describe it in txt message my heart just feel so sad seeing my son crying coz he's in pain and limping on his leg. It just so happens that at the time i receive the message it was my lunch time so there goes my lunch. To make a long story short, we went to the doctor and the doctor says its nothing serious, just a small strain and to just give him infant pain reliever drops. Whew! what a relief that is to us! My wife thinks that he injured it yesterday at plaza bonita when he fell running around the toy animals. he seems to be ok right now. This is my first child so I'm so attached to my son so you can imagine how i feel when he gets hurt. I hope all you parents out there can relate to my story. I'm sure you can. Well, all back to normal now. here's some pictures of my son at plaza bonita playing with the kids and just being himself. hope you all enjoy them.

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Carlota said...

hope he feel better now. poor thing. haaaayyy kids.

love the new looks on your. great job! take care.