Monday, November 12, 2007

reviews about sony camcorders

I did some reviews at some websites about sony camcorders and to be honest with you i was dissapointed in the reviews i read about some of the more expensive sony camcorders. mostly the ones with the harddrives installed in them. like these first 3 reviews i saw was all bad stuff about the harddrives breaking down on the consumer. i was very surprised to hear that from a brand thats been so reliable. well, the reviews i saw after the first 3 were alot better and alot of people complimented on the ease of use and simplicity and the touch screen as well. the first review was about the harddrive starting to make noises after one week. hmmm? thats sad to hear. well, this review is mainly with the sony DCR-SR421 30GB hard drive camcorder. well, i can understand that sometimes you might get a product where some internal part will fail prematurely but thats not a reason to go knocking down sony. i used to work for sony making t.v.'s up in escondido area in san diego,ca. i was on the picture tube assembly line. actually, i hated that job coz its heavy lifting but the company is a good company to work for. i also worked on the main power board assembly line soldering the main power wires. thats all you do all day and its bad coz the smoke from the soldering gets in your eyes and well, i dont have to tell you more for you to know just how bad it is. well, thats all i have for now. i'll do my best to update this alittle better as time goes on. until then, feel free to leave your comments or opinions. anything electronic or whatever. thanks.

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