Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Recovering from sickness

I just wanted to let all my friendly bloggers out there know that I'm still alive and not just avoiding them or something like that. No, I'm recovering from a really bad cold/flu i received over the first weekend of the new year 2008. My son got sick first. then before you know it, i was sick. this happened Tuesday January 1,2008 as i was taking one of my 2 days off from work. i felt so bad! i had a stuffy nose and cough with sore throat. also, my body would feel cold one moment, then hot the next. i had to go get milk for my son so when i was in the refrigerated section getting the milk, i was so so cold. i had already dressed warm before i left the house but it didn't help much since while i was in albertsons, i started shaking really bad. anyways, i got home, ran into the bedroom with my winter coat, blue jeans, and shoes still on my feet. got under 2 blankets with the heater on and was still shaking so you can just imagine what i went through. i took Thursday off of work and by Friday i was feeling good enough to return to work. so i apologize to all my friends.

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