Saturday, February 9, 2008

Debix Identity Protection

Do you want to have protection from those theft who are fond of stealing people's identity? Debix identity protection is here to help you when it comes to protection for your identity. I remember one time i was watching at the NBC news, they were talking about those identity theft who got busted by the intelligence agency. Then i realize that here in United States people can easily do that, it's probably because of the high technology that they became aware on how to steal the identity of individuals. Now we really have to be careful with our valuable things such us credit cards, social security card or any personal cards that's got your name on it. Debix had been in the identity protection network for like 4 years now and their main vision is to protect those individual and association from identity fraud.

Registering at you will be given a fraud alert short voice messages right through your own phone number and this is what they called LoudSiren Safe Number. What it does is alert you whether it is your prerecorded voice key and will authenticate your call for denial or approval. They also provide identity theft insurance through AIG, a widely known insurance company. They also offer a $1 million guarantee.

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