Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Apples New Mac Air laptop

Have you heard about apple computers new mac book air laptop yet? Its got the latest in electronic technology. This new laptop sports solid-state memory in place of a traditional hard drive which by the way if you didn't hear the article, stumped tsa agents when one traveler tried to get thru security with apples latest technology. Its the worlds thinnest notebook on the market today and it has some of the most advanced technology yet. With breakthrough technology like strategically hidden I/O ports to a lower-profile battery, Yet it still has a 13.3-inch wide screen LED display, full-size keyboard, and large multi-touch track pad. The mac book air also sports a built in isight camera which is integrated so smartly, you'll hardly notice it's there. The mac book air doesn't compromise on power either as it's battery is one of the thinnest batteries yet and can give you up to 5 hours access to the web. With all this power, what will you do with it? why not visit apple.com today and take the mac book air for a test drive yourself. Source here for the story on tsa being stumped by MacBooks air: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/patterson/14047

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