Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Online Gaming Contest

Today while searching online for some different games to play i came across this new and unique website called break the vault where you can enter into these exciting online contests and win cash prizes daily. Its completely free and you have unlimited chances to solve the problem for each game. If you enjoy problem solving games where you must use your thinking ability to solve the game then you've come to the right place. The size of the prize is directly related to the complexity of the game so be ready to use your brain for those bigger prizes. Every game has a winner and all prizes are awarded. The game is very simple. Every day at noon EST they will start a new contest and then every day thereafter at noon EST they will provide a new clue to the game. Its up to you how many times it takes to answer it correctly but you need to check up daily since the older clues goes away and a new one is given. If the game is solved before the next Monday, a new contest starts so there's always a game running. Check them out at

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