Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brownouts Brownouts and more Brownouts

Well, last night while updating our blogs online we had another brownout as they call it in the Philippines. This is like the 5Th time this has happened since I've been visiting the Philippines and its ridiculous. The power went out at 10:30pm last night and did'nt come back on till 6am the next morning. I was so upset because it was warm and my son, wife, and i were all irritable because of the heat. Of all times for the power to go out it had to go out at that time. I simply find it inexcusable for the power to go out without some kind of explanation as to why. I find that it is unfair to the people of this city to be without the basic necessities to sustain life such as electricity. In the united states were we live its a big deal if the power goes out. Very rarely does the power ever go out where we live. The government has investigations when things like this happen but my wife told me its a normal part of life here. Well, shame on the Philippine government. Shame on them for allowing this to continue to happen like it was meant to be part of everyday life. I guess the citizens here don't really care enough about the problem to raise their voices and complain. It looks like they just take it with a grain of salt like every other problem here. There's an old saying that goes "Theres action in numbers" and if the citizens of this city, country were smart enough to band together as one, they might just be able to turn some heads in Gloria's big government and get a listening ear. But who am i kidding. No one wants to waste their time because they don't think they can make a difference. Well, that's why its business as usual here in Zamboanga, Philippines. I'll just sit here and wait patiently for the next brownout. I see one coming around the corner anytime now.

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Liza said...

hi! i hope you have a blessed lenten season. take care.