Saturday, March 22, 2008

Farewell To Zamboanga,PI

Today we leave Zamboanga, PI as our 3 week vacation is over and as reality sets in, my wife and i have got the butterfly's in our stomach. My wife is just about finished packing as I'm writing this new post.. We have a lot of souvenirs to bring back with us for our friends in San Diego and Sheila and Shawn in Tennessee and elaiza. We bring back some dried fish for our Filipino friends. They just cant wait to get there hands on this Filipino delicacy as it is very popular in the Philippines as a main every day dish. We went to Zamboanga park the other day and seen the famous tree house and seen the boy scouts of Philippines camp ground. There were a lot of people celebrating the Lenten season and we even saw a large procession walking down the main road from the park with all kinds of different floats. We went to hai sans restaurant after the memorial. Whats cool about this place is that whatever you want to eat you just walk up to the display tank where they have live lobster and fish and pick out the one you like and they will pull it out of the tank and prepare it fresh for you. How much fresher can you get than that? We had rock lobster and baked sweet and sour fish and clam and corn soup with rice. My wife and i just loved the lobster in the special sauce. The sauteed fish was very tasty too. Are you getting hungry now for Filipino seafood? We're really gonna miss this place a lot! We will have beefsteak for lunch today before we leave. One last good Filipino dish before we leave. Well, that's all for now I'll get back to you when i get home.

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