Monday, March 24, 2008

Online Store for Mobile Phone

Before we left for our vacation in the Philippines we attended a get together party with my wife's Filipino friends here in San Diego. While enjoying talking with her friends she didn't realized that our son was playing with my cellphone and when we saw him we were so shocked because he dunk my wife's cellphone into the glass of soda and it was all soaked up with soda. My wife was so sad because her cellphone is not working anymore even until now we've tried to dry it up but to no avail so i was thinking maybe i will just buy her a new phone, while i was browsing online i found this online store imobileplaza thus, their virtual store is located at JAKARTA, INDONESIA though. They sell brand new and unlocked mobile phone so i think i will tell my wife about it and see how it works, i cant wait to givr her another cellphone since her old phone is not working anymore.

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