Friday, March 28, 2008

Sad Day at Work

Today when i came into work at 6am i poured my coffee and got ready for my day to begin. I went to the news bulletine board to check up on any recent new events happening at my work and was shocked to find out that my old supervisor from the graveyard shift had passed away from a freak accident that happened at his home. I was completely shocked to read the post on the board about our previous supervisor having had this accident. At first it was so hard to believe because my supervisor always worked with safety in mind but from what i understand, he was working on top of a motor home and i guess he fell off and his wife found him on the floor. I guess he hit his head or something but its just so surprising that it can happen so sudden. He had been working for our company for the last 9 years and so we really are going to miss him. I remember a similiar accident happened to my nephew thomas several years ago while standing on a fork lift to change a light bulb. He had fallen and hit his head on the ground but he survived the accident only to become paralyzed for life. Its so sad to here accidents like this happening. We must learn to be careful in whatever we do so we dont fall and hurt ourselves. We never know what tommorow will bring so maybe we need to live for today.

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