Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick Son in PI

When we arrived in PI our son was crying a lot most likely from our descent back to sea level and normal atmosphere pressure so imagine his ears was popping like me and my wiffy was. It's so uncomfortable if your not used to it. Anyways a week in to our vacation and our son was having LBM (loss bowel movement) we didn't know what was wrong with him or what was causing the problem. I thought it was the heat or temperature change but my wife though it was from powder milk that she bought at walmart. So we ended up taking him to the local hospital to see a pediatrician. What we found out was interesting. What the problem was is the powder milk that we bought he had trouble digesting in his tummy so we changed the milk to a lactose free brand it work good now he's OK. And yesterday they gave him banana and he ate it all afterwards he had diarrhea again so we decided to have his stool test and the findings are normal so we figured out that it's the weather that make his poop wet. So much for today i have to park and bond with our son for the meantime.

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