Monday, April 21, 2008

CD Rates

Many people are smart in putting their hard earned money in savings accounts or CD accounts in different banks to earn interest and build up a little nest egg for retirement but most people probably don't know that they could find better CD rates that can earn them a higher interest rate by simply visiting Its a personal finance website that tracks the best rates on checking, savings and CD accounts across the united states and puts them all on a list for users to compare the different rates and features each account has and it also has reviews of current and former customers. All these current financial institutions are federally insured and many have some of the highest (apy) annual percentage yield rates of savings and money market accounts. currently emoneycentral is listing a checking account on one bank earning 6.26% (apy) with a $100.00 minimum opening balance which is really good. so if you would like a higher return on your checking, savings, or CD account check out for a comparison list to your current bank.

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