Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day Off With Family

Today. i took the wife and son to my sisters house so that we could teach her how to do this blogging thinggy since she's not working right now and she has alot of time on her hands. I hope she will be OK. my wife taught her a lot of things about blogging like how to make the main template and putting widgets and other things on your blog. She showed her how to do a post and she showed her the major advertisers of blogging like pay-per-post, smorty, sponsored reviews, blogvertise, and review me. So we got her set up with her first blog and I'm hoping those who read this would take a few minutes to drop by her blog and give her some tips on improving it so that she can start to get some traffic coming in. Did your hear that friends? If you can spend just a few minutes to drop by her blog i would really appreciate it ok. Also for those who know about the breast cancer walk, she is a big supporter of that program and she will be participating in the walk this year. well, thats all for now. till next time....

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