Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PR4 rank gone

I don't know what happened to my pr4 ranking last month but I'm asking questions just like alot of other folks here online that had their pr ranking ripped away from them by Google. i have no idea what i did or didn't do but i wasn't too happy to say the least when my wife told me that my ranking was now a pr2. did i do too many paid blogs? did i not do enough non-paid blogs? or maybe i didn't visit enough of other blogs. many questions run through my mind at night time when i sleep. I'm sure there are many others like me having more questions then answers to this dilemma. so what I'm doing now is visiting other peoples blogs as often as i can and trying to gain some more links. no, i don't have a magic wand or secret that will give me a pr4. i don't even know how i made a pr4 blog or what i did to get it. but one thing is for sure. i want it back and I'm doing everything i can right now to get it back. i didn't realize just how fortunate i was to have it until it was gone. if anyone out there has some ideas how i can get it back please don't hesitate to share with me although if that was the case, they would be working on their own blog, not mine.


Sherry said...

yeah it happened to many blogger. But at least yours is not drop to 0.

gen2507 said...

mine was google 3 but went to PR0 the more disappointing for me...anyway, I got a 7 blogs that you can link if u are interested, here they are:

lol I got a lot of blogs hehehe I just update them sometimes when I feel like too but 4 blogs are submitted for paid posts. Anyway, you can visit my other blog too Gmoments

I will add u in my blogs soon. Let me know if its ok that we can xlink. Take care and have a great day!

nisha said...

Oh my, am extremely sorry to know that and i know how bad it hurts too, because i was also one of them whose pr had dropped from pr4 to pr2!! you could visit my blog, the post that should help you clear your doubts about why they dropped your pr.. maybe the comments from my friends could help :)

nisha said...

In all my worries for you, i forgot to tell you that you've got an awesome blog and am sure you'll regain your pr soon.. Your wife and kids are lucky to have you as their husband and father.. may god keep you in his loving care, always :)