Thursday, April 24, 2008

Philippines Rice shortage?

I was watching the TV yesterday on the TFC channel and i heard there was a shortage of rice and that the price has been going up steadily. I also heard there was a scandal in arroyos government with the rice. whats up with this? i know theres about 3 billion people in Asia who are gobbling up the rice everyday as a main meal but geez. Here in California the country's two largest warehouse chains, Sam's Club and Costco, are limiting purchases of imported rice. When will this rice shortage problem end? From what i understand the rice will continue to steadily rise as more and more bio-crops are grown. This problem is due to rice shortages in Thailand Vietnam and other Southern Asian Countries. One reason i found out for the high cost of rice was the plummeting US dollar. Another reason was because of the high cost of fertilizers and insecticides used to grow the rice. As if no ones heard that one before. One begs to ask the question: what good will it do to go driving around town in bio-fuelled vehicles if we're hungry? More research must be made to provide an alternative fuel for cars and aircraft. I think the US needs to do more to help third world countries or they are going to starve. Countries like the Philippines, japan, china will have an epidemic if something is not done soon. Whats your solution to the problem? let me here your ideas or comments...

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