Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cheap ink, toner cartridges and supplies

I finally got my hp printer software installed back on my computer the other day only to find out that the ink was low and i wasn't too happy because that means i need to take another trip to the local electronics store to by another high priced ink jet cartridges for my printer. I'm so tired of paying ridiculous prices for my ink jet cartridges until today changed everything.

My wife told me that she found this website today that sells cheap ink and ink jet cartridges for any kind of printer. They also sell toner and toner cartridges for your printer too and all their printer cartridges are ISO 9001 factory remanufactured which means high quality printing cartridges at below brand name prices. I told my wife that i will order my printing supplies from them from now on.

Whats cool about this website is that everything is setup so that you can order your printing supplies with a minimal amount of clicks. They ship by UPS and ground delivery is free. Whether you order $40 dollars or $400 dollar the cost is the same to process your order. Their prices are so low because they deal in large quantity's and pass the savings on to you, the consumer. Just visit inkers today for all your printing and ink supplies

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