Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicken Adobo home made style

Last night i brought home some roast chicken already cooked from food for less and i made garlic and bacon mashed potatoes and had Spanish rice as a side dish. My wife son and i enjoyed the dinner but i was supposed to use the chicken that was already thawed out in the refrigerator as last nights dinner but i didn't know how to cook it so that's why i purchased the chicken already cooked. After dinner last night i was thinking what will we have tomorrow night for dinner and that's when i went looking in the seasoning cabinet for some ideas. What i found was a packet of Mongolian beef seasoning so i just followed the instructions but substituted chicken for beef. I chopped three breast of chicken into pieces and mixed with the marinade and leave in refrigerator all night till next day i come home from work then i cook it not knowing how it will turn out. A little extra mama's marinade sauce here, pepper and salt there, some vegetable oil and fried it in the pan and WOW! My wife said i just made the best adobo she's ever tasted. I didn't know it was adobo. I told her i was experimenting so I'm unsure how it taste. I even surprise myself. The mama's marinate is a blend of soy sauce and other seasonings to bring out a kinda barbecue flavor. It was so yummy my wife had a second plate with rice. I'm so happy my wife like this i will cook it again real soon for our book study. Bon appetite friends!!!

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