Monday, June 2, 2008

Progress on diet

Well, i think its been 2 weeks now being on this diet thing and its really not that easy. I've been staying on a strictly baked fish and chicken diet, avoiding soda, fried foods, McDonald's, Carl's junior. That's the hard part. Not going to Carl's junior or McDonald's. My wife and i where coming home from our bible study the other day when she asked me if i could stop into McDonald's to get a hamburger and fries. Man! it was hard to pull into McDonald's without ordering something along with my wife but i pulled it off. I didn't even take a french fry from her. I'm pretty proud of myself right now but the thing that depresses me is that i haven't seen any reduction in my weight. I guess its not surprising since i don't do any exercises other than my full time work as a bus mechanic. well, I'll keep trying and sooner or later i should see some improvement. wish me better success.

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wish you better success!

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