Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mri Results On My Knee

Well, the other day i went to my orthopedic doctors office to find out the results of the MRI scan i had done on my left knee a few weeks ago. As me and my wife suspected, the results were not good. My doctor found a medial meniscus tear and damaged cartilage in my left knee and that's the reason I've been having so much pain in that knee for the last 2 or so months. For those of you who don't know, i had surgery on my right knee last year for the same problem and now I've got it on the left knee. GREAT!!!! Well, that means I'll soon be on disability again. I've scheduled the week of July 14th for the surgery on my knee. This is a very painful injury and I'm learning a lot about the human knee and how important it is to have regular exercise to keep the joints flexible and in good shape to prevent injuries . I took today off from work because i work the swing shift last night and don't get home till almost 12 midnight last night but i had to go back in at 6am this morning and my left knee was in so much pain and didn't get a lot of rest so i called in sick. I cant wait to have this knee problem fixed and move on with my life. until next time.

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