Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pain in my legs

I've been having to deal with some leg problems for the better part of this year and some of last year. Last year i had surgery on my right knee to repair a meniscus tear and damaged cartilage and ever since then it hasn't quite healed even with the injections i had. Now i have problems with my left knee and recently had an MRI scan to check things out so I'll go to see the doctor on July 1st to find out if there's been any damage to this knee. But I'm also having to deal with severe stiffness in both knee joints after being on my legs for 8 hours at work. I'm desperate to find an answer to my problem. My doctor says i have osteoarthritis but its gotta be more than that. Sometimes i find it so difficult just to walk after say maybe 5 hours. Well, I've put cream on it and drink a small glass of wine and it helps but I'm still in pain now so I'm gonna go fix a bath with some Epsom salt and hot water to see if it helps with the pain. until next time.

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