Friday, July 25, 2008

Problem Loading HP All in one drivers

I bought this HP psc 1315 all in one printer about 6 years ago and everything was great. I really enjoyed this all in one printer scanner and copier from HP. I think i had some software problems with this HP printer a few years back and so i remember i had to format my hard drive to get the drivers to load correctly. Then it happened. I reloaded the drivers for the printer and when i went to click on the HP director icon on the desktop, it would act like it was going to open up and then nothing would happen. I've discussed this problem with HP online many times and I've gotten so tired of this problem I've basically just given up. If there's anyone out there who has an HP psc 1315 all in one printer with a fix to this problem i would appreciate it if you could give me the heads up on this. I paid good money for this printer and its a shame i cant use it to its full potential because of some silly driver issues. I NEED HELP!!

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