Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remedies for Carpal Tunnel

I knew a friend who had a carpal tunnel syndrome and she said that she got it from work. From what i understand it is a very painful injury of the wrist. She told me the pain was so bad that it used to keep her up many hours of the night. I can just imagine the pain she was going through because she had to miss a lot of her work days to go see the doctor. She told me that she tried many products to eliminate the pain over several years but nothing worked. I remember her saying that she have numbness and tingling sensation in her hands all the time and it's really bothering her. Also she would have to switch hands to do her work, and she requested to have her job changed because of the ongoing pain. I remember she had difficulty in driving a car. She did end up having to have surgery from both hands but even that didn't completely solve the problem. Eventually the doctor suggested purchasing these special carpal tunnel relief wrist supports, which relieved the pain she was having.


Have you heard about the smart gloves made by IMAK? this product is design for people who have carpal tunnel syndrome, it can be use all day and is also a reversible for left and right hands. This is really good because it increases comfort and circulation at the same time it's washable.

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