Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Filipino Lumpia

My wife and i had the apartment manager come over last week and ask us if we can make him 300 lumpia and some pancit for a party he's putting on on july 23, so i told him no problem. We purchased all the ingrediants and made the lumpia and put them in the freezer until we're reading to fry them up. Then we got a call from him just the other day asking if if we can make another 100 lumpia just in case so we told him we can do it. I had to go to seafood city in chula vista the other day to buy more ingredients and lumpia wrappers. I chopped up boneless, skinless chicken last night for the pancit and put it in a bowl of mamacita's barbecue marinade last night before i went to bed so that it can marinate overnight. This will give the pancit some flavor. So my task for today will be to mix the ingredients for lumpia and then my wife can roll them. She also will have the task of making the pancit. I love her pancit. It's so yummy and what more this time that we added some marinated chicken to the ingredients.

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