Monday, July 21, 2008

July is cord blood awareness month

I wasn't aware that there have been advances in science and medicine in the health care industry that have greatly reduced the number of deaths from diseases of many sorts until i recently visited a website called cryo-cell international. Its just so amazing to hear that scientist have made so many amazing advances in medicine. I was so surprised to hear that one of those advancements has to do with umbilical Cord Blood. The medical field has found The Value of Cord Blood to be a real benefit in saving a persons life who may be suffering from some terminally ill disease. Cryo-cell is one of the largest cord blood banks in the world. They are on the forefront of medical research and developement and are agressively working to find ways of Treating Diseases with Stem Cells. Cryo-cell has a state of the art lab and processing facility in oldsmar, florida. They employ only qualified personnel and use only the most advanced medical equipment in the industry. Cryo-Cell blood Bank is the leader in research and advancment of medicine to find more solutions to preserve stem cells in a noncontroversial way.

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PALS said...

That is good that we are aware of the fact that cord blood is very important in saving lives.

Thank you