Friday, August 8, 2008

My son giving me a hard time

All day yesterday my son Ethan gave me a hard time. He was getting into everything and wouldn't leave me alone. He was yelling a lot and crying and it really get on my nerves. I took him outside for a while but then when its time to bring him back into the house he put up a fight and i have to run after him to catch him. Then once he's in the house he start throwing toys at me and my wife so i told him that's a bad thing to do and i have to put him in the time out corner but he don't want to go there. He's crying more and more and it hurt me to see him like this but as his father i have a moral obligation to discipline him and teach him what is right and wrong. As he's growing up it's getting harder and harder to be a good father, to teach him to be a good boy. I love my son and i only want whats best for him. This is truly a life long learning lesson for me. He is our first son so you can imagine what my wife and i am going thru bringing him up properly. I hope he will grow up to be a role model for other boys to follow.

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