Saturday, August 9, 2008

Visiting my sister today

My wife and i went over my sisters house today to visit and i can say i had alot of fun. My sister has the new wii gaming system and i got to play and all i can say is i love it! bowled a couple of strings and i got some strikes and spares. I just loved this game and i can just imagine if i had this game i could invite some friends over to play. Its so cool! then we played the fishing game but it wasn't as good as the bowling but it still kept me interested. Then we went onto the tennis game and that really was cool coz i really had to work to stay ahead of the game and i won a few games against my opponent. I just think Nintendo has the best gaming system now. I just had so much fun and now I'm asking my wife if we can get one later on. Even if she says no I'm going to get it somehow. I'll probably need to go back to work first though coz I'm on disability right now. I recommend it to anyone more than any other game system.

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