Sunday, September 7, 2008

Missing the philippines

I've been on disability for my left knee now for 2 months and I'm on my last 2 weeks off before i go back to work. I've learned that a husbands place is definitely not at home and am looking forward to going back to work on Sept 12, 2008. I really need to catch up on some bills and we have to get ready to renew my wife's green card before it expires. During my time off I've had plenty of time to reflect back on the very precious moments of my vacation to the Philippine's with my wife and son Ethan in march of 2008. We went back to her home town of zamboanga city, Philippines to visit her family. The picture of the tree house above is a famous tourist spot me and my wife visited the first time we met when i went to see her for the first time in the Philippine's before we got married. It brings back very special moments for me and my wife. We had such a wonderful stay and many cherished moments. We were waited on hand and foot and treated like a king and queen for the 3 week duration of our trip. Being on disability for 2 months stirs up memories of those precious weeks that we were in the Philippines and lately I've really really been missing my wife's family more and more and the Philippine islands. We already decided that we wont be returning back to the Philippine's until 2010 because our plans for 2009 include a vacation to see the bethel in Brooklyn, New York which is the main headquarters of Jehovah's witness.

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