Friday, September 12, 2008

Men's fashion


Every time i go out to buy a new suit i always trouble with it not fitting properly. It's very hard to find clothes that will fit me just right. My wife always tells me to go into the fitting room to try it on before i buy it but i never do because i know my size. However when i bring it home to put it on it never seems to fit just right. My friend told me about this mens’ suit website called he said that they have custom suit that i can order and it will be tailored to fit me just right. I learned that the procedure is very simple and that all the suits that they manufacture are Made to measure specifically to your size. We have a special occasion to attend to and it's coming up soon and i need some nice suits to fit the occasion. I don't have time to hire a tailor and i want to purchase it and be done with it and not have to worry about whether it's to short or too long. If you want to order custom made suits from them i would encourage you to make an appointment to be measured and visit the store so you can really explain to them about the style or fabric that you prefer for your suit.


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Bobbi said...

Thanks for sharing!! I'm too looking for some stylish mens suits...