Friday, October 31, 2008

Tired of unwanted junk mail and spam

When you recently opened your yahoo email account to check your inbox for email, how many emails did you receive that were actually valid emails worth looking at and how many were junk emails telling you how you can fix your credit, borrow money for school, get a credit card or that you've won big time money? Today i checked my email and had thirty five emails and not one of them was a legitimate email. They were all marketing scams for something that i didn't need. Now how many times have you unsubscribe on that email to later find out that the problem has gotten worse? Tired of junk mail and spam? I have good news for you. Finally there's a website that can put an end to all those nagging pesty junk mails, spams, and unsolicited phone calls. You can join the Privacy Council and help protect your privacy now. Its really a simple procedure and you can be removed from most major marketing list for good. Isn't this great news! A small $9.00 dollar fee will cover the cost of mailing, faxing and calling all of the major do not call list's and put your mind at ease once and for all. That's all there is to it.


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