Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot and spicy szechuan chicken

I finally got to get back into the kitchen again and play the family cook. Tonight i made Hot and spicy szechuan chicken but i used the packaged brand of spices and just added the vegetables to the spice package and stir-fry the vegetables and mix everything together. It came out pretty good. My wife and i really liked it but my son wasn't to hip about it. But then again try to get any 2 year old to eat when you want him to I'll be very surprised. I miss the kitchen but the last few days i didn't have to cook because we went out for dinner last night and i buy my lunch for work yesterday. Oh well, its the only day every 2 weeks that i get this special treatment. I want to make some fresh pan de sal or dinner rolls but i need a mixer with a dough fork attachment. I wonder what that will cost me? Anybody have any ideas how i can make fresh bread without mixer or where i can find cheap mixer?

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