Saturday, November 1, 2008

Learn to eat healthier food!

I just had a doctor appointment with my cardiologist the other day and everything seems to be normal at this time. My doctor told me that I gained a little weight and I was asking him about taking diet pills because I wanted to loose some weight but here recommended that I don’t take any diet pills. Instead he offered me a copy of the eleven days diet. He told me that if a 70 year old man can loose weight using this diet plan I can too. I looked it over when I got home and noticed that many of the foods recommended are fruit and vegetable products which I enjoy eating anyway so this shouldn’t be hard for me. Then I run into freshfunds website and signed up. What’s cool about this website is that I can learn to eat healthy, loose weight and earn points from the website which can later be used to bid on prizes and win something like elliptical machine, ultimate ski weekend for two, Nintendo Wii Fit and a lot more. Anyways, I’ve seen a short film entitled The Sproutwells, it’s funny and entertaining. You’ve got to watch it so you won’t miss the fun that I am talking about.


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