Monday, November 24, 2008

Online Games

Do you like to play games online and win free stuff? Then you need to visit and play WiseWits. If your like me, i just love to play all kinds of games online and what better to win free gifts and not have to pay anything for them. You can socialize with other people online and make new friends all while playing wisewits games.

WiseWits are moderated play-as-you-please games where you get clues, use your know-how and experience to obtain information or do certain task to solve for clues and win all kinds of prizes. But before you get too excited you need to watch a brief tutorial on how to play wisewits.

Besides playing the WiseWits game, the website is giving back by setting aside 5 cents for charity for every initial guess you make for any WiseWit stage or final challenge. I think this is a great idea. Recently, they were nominated in the Online Games category for The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards.

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