Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We recieved our letter about delegates

I finished work at 2:30 today and upon arriving home and checking the mail box i received a letter from the convention rooming office in Escondido about 2 delegates from Mexico that i will need to go pick up in Escondido on the 1st of June. These delegates are Jehovah's witnesses and me and my family will be hosting them in our home for about a week starting June 1st. They will be attending the international convention held at qualcomm stadium from June 4-7, 2009. We're really excited because this is our first time to attend an international convention and to be host to some witnesses from another country. We're kinda shy because our cooking is not the best and we want to set a good example. It will be quite an experience because we don't even know them but we don't worry because Jehovah's witnesses can be trusted as we are all considered each others brother and sister. We look forward to meeting them on June 1st.

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