Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day off at seaport village

Yesterday i had the day off and i know my son and wife really needed some time out of the house so i took them out to seaport village along the bay in downtown San Diego. We had a lot of fun walking around and visiting all the little souvenir shops. My wife had seen a woman's bag that she really wanted to buy several weeks ago when we last visited seaport village so i took her to buy that bag. After that we went to visit the ducks. I went and bought some popcorn while my wife and son waited for me to return. When i came back i gave my popcorn to my son and he just had such a great time feeding the ducks he can't stop. I told him to save some for us but you know how 2 yr old boys are. Well, today I'm just resting and updating my blogs. Hope you like the pictures i posted here. Tomorrow it's back to work for me. Till next time.

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