Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding anniversary in Spain

Last year we went to visit my family in the Philippines and we really had a great time. This year i really surprised my wife when i told her that we were unable to take our vacation in the Philippines. Instead, i told her that we will celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary by taking a romantic vacation to Spain. I guess she's always wanted to go to Spain because she keeps talking about the famous history and culture associated with Spain. I can't get over how how beautiful the Villas in Spain are! I found one that will suit our needs and budget.

While i was at work a co-worker of mine had mentioned that he'd been to Spain before and he told me that there are a lot of Great deals on apartment and villas in Barcelona if you look around. There's plenty to see and do in Barcelona. We want to visit the famous museums and the Barcelona aquarium. My wife will love to take lots of photos with her new camera. I want to get a tour package deal so we don't get lost going from one place to another. It's so much easier this way. And I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to use a good website for Tourist information that could help us find all the popular attractions too. I need to work on my Spanish language before we leave lol.

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