Monday, July 27, 2009

My military career in the navy

My coworker and i were talking the other day about our careers in the military. He wasn't aware that i had previously been enlisted in the navy. I went to boot camp here in San Diego. The training was pretty easy. I went to A-school and became a cook. I kinda liked what i did but didn't like being a prep cook. I was assigned to the USS Ramsey FFG-2. When we weren't cooking for the crew, we would be constantly doing training exercises while we were out to sea. When we trained for general quarters everyone had an assigned place to go to and we had to wear these heavy helmets with a military microphone on the side of the helmet to keep in touch with our assigned squadron officer. The ship would be locked down and all ventilation shut off. I used to hate those helmets because without ventilation we used to sweat so bad.

The military police on our ship had it better because they used a lapel microphone and it was much lighter than the one the cooks used. We used to always give the military police a hard time because of that. I kinda wish i had gone to A-school so i could be working in flight operations on the flight deck because i enjoyed being outside on the top of the ship. Our ship had a flight deck in the aft end of the ship that allowed helicopters to land and every time we would have flight training i would go topside to check out the action. All the flight crew used electret micophone to stay in communication with the aircraft that would be landing on our ship. It was cool to watch these big helicopters come so close to the flight deck and land.

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