Thursday, July 16, 2009

My sons toy car is sick

Today my son was bothering me about batteries for his toy car. He likes to sit in it and ride around the house pushing all the little buttons on the front panel as it makes all kinds of car noises. But today he handed it to me saying "batteries, batteries, batteries" But when i pushed some of the switches, the lights would come on without any problem but the problem was you couldn't hear it making any noises. Thats why he was nagging me coz it wont makes noises. It makes 3 different horn noises when you push the horn button, it has a sound for a fire truck and ambulance, it has a sound for like when your dialing a phone, and it has a thumb wheel that has various songs on it. Being the bus mechanic that i am, i started tearing into the heart of the little toy car looking for the problem as this picture clearly shows my son doing his best to help his daddy fix his toy car. Turns out that the speaker was blown and i couldn't fix it because there wasn't any good used one i could find in the house. Sorry son, you'll just have to use your car without the noises, but that's what makes this toy car so special. I guess I'm not a good mechanic after all.

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