Saturday, July 11, 2009

Price buster prescription eyewear

I got to tell you that times are really tough these days so me and my wife do whatever we can to save a dollar here or there. We've really had to cut back on our spending because of the poor economy. I think just about every one i know has had to cut back their spending in some way or another. That means looking for great deals wherever we can and one thing we really want to save money on is prescription eyeglasses for our son. Its so hard for him to keep a pair of eyeglasses for a long time. Even me as a parent have a hard time keeping a pair of eyeglasses. We found $ 8 Rx eyeglasses for our son and saved a bundle of money compared to what it would cost us at our local optometrist. I was watching the local news one day and i seen Zenni Optical on TV!!! I was really surprised but that's how me and my wife first got to learn about zenni optical. Eventually my wife bought a pair of eyeglasses for zenni and saved a bunch of money. Not only did she save money but she received many compliments from our friends. So i got to say High Five to Zenni Optical for making a great product and stimulating the economy by cutting the cost of prescription eyeglasses.

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