Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have you checked out X-play yet?

I've been wanting a wii gaming system from Nintendo for some time now. My work has recently purchased a Wii gaming console for the bus drivers in our company when they are on stand-by so after some thinking we decided to open up a tournament between the mechanics and drivers. The wii system came with the demo version of sports and i think it's pretty cool but the graphics could have been a little better. And they could have added more sports to the demo version but oh well. Wii just came out with the Wii sports resort which offers gamers a day of fun in the sun but with the coming of their new Motion Plus accessory it will offer much more realistic gaming play. It would have been nice if they could have added this to the first version of the Wii sports demo package. I enjoyed the physical training part of the wii sports demo where you hit baseballs, knock down up to 52 pins on the bowling game and hit some serious tennis balls. I encourage all gamers to visit G4 for all their gaming needs and to check out X-Play for game reviews on every kind of game.


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