Monday, August 31, 2009

Hurricane Jimena just short of category 5

Wow! This hurricane jimena is headed towards mexicos resort-studded Baja California Peninsula on Monday, packing 155 mph winds and forcing many emergency workers to set up makeshift shelters and force the cancellation of an international finance conference. Forecasters have said that hurricane jimena is just short of a category 5 hurricane, the most lethal and deadly hurricane strength winds. Heavy bands of intermittent rain moved across the resort town of Los Cabos on Monday evening. Workers at the Cabo San Lucas marina nailed sheets of plywood on storefront windows while fishermen secured their boats ahead of Jimena, which was packing winds near 155 mph (250 kph). Hotels and restaurants gathered up umbrellas, tables, chairs, and anything else that might be blown away. 10,000 families were ordered to evacuate out of low-lying areas and shantytowns. The government said it would send out 200 military personnel and dozens of police in trucks to help people reach dozens of shelters. Authorities warned that those who refuse to evacuate would be forced to do so. I hope people are smart and decide to get out while they still can. But on Cabos' famous beaches, some tourists were doing just the opposite, jumping into the Pacific to play in the hurricane's big waves. Crazy people.

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