Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, come on: one extra club costs Jim Furyk over $130,000

Wow! Did you hear the latest news about Jim furyk? Apparently one little tiny mistake cost him $130, 000 dollars in prize money. What happened you might ask? While at Barclay's over the weekend shooting a round of golf him and his caddy accidently left an extra golf club in his bag. Golfers are allowed 14 clubs in their bags, of course, but Furyk discovered the offending 15th as he was approaching the second green. He was docked four strokes -- two for each hole that he carried the club -- and as a result dropped from sixth to 15th place, a decline which cost him $131,250 in prize money. Ouchhh! Thats gotta hurt big time! The temptation here is to blame Furyk's caddy, Fluff Cowan, but as Furyk notes, it was a chain of events that set off this costly penalty. Furyk was considering using a different wedge but decided not to, but because of rain the cover was left on his bag right until the last minute, and neither he nor Cowan checked to confirm everything was on the up-and-up. (Not that he, you know, shot up a strip club or fought dogs or anything, but this is golf, and golf is an honest game and such matters are no laughing matter. Seriously. Stop laughing.)

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