Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our little swimmer

I had the day off today and i had to go have some blood test done early in the morning which meant i had to fast the night before which meant i wasn't able to have any breakfast this morning which meant i was in a grumpy mood. Then i had to go to an appointment to see my thyroid doctor. After seeing the doctor i came home and anticipating and good breakfast of chorizo, onions, sausage and egg breakfast which a wheat tortilla but I'm not liking wheat tortillas too much so i think i might switch back to flour or corn tortillas. Then my son was bothering me repeatedly saying "pool, pool, pool". Urghhh!!!! Like i have a million things to do but everything is on hold because of my son. So i broke out the pool from the patio, dragged it outside to the front of the house and filled it up with water. My son was jumping and so excited. He couldn't wait to get into the pool and it was only 10:30 in the morning. Here's the latest picture of our little Michael Phelps. Hope you like it.

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