Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unusually hot weather

Whew! It was a scorcher today at work in chula vista. I don't know who turned on the oven but i sure wish they would turn it off. I got home from work and our home is very hot inside. I can tell you i was not looking forward to cooking a hot meal because of the high temperatures. I decided to get some take-out food from the local Chinese restaurant down the street. Here it is 10:15pm at night and it's still too hot inside the house so i decided to take the laptop and a beach chair back to the back patio and update my blog outside. My wife, son and i just got home from cvs pharmacy and the cool breeze in the car felt really refreshing. It's getting late now so i need to turn off the laptop and brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Goodnight everyone!

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