Sunday, August 30, 2009

How we stayed connected to the world

My wife and i have been living here in imperial beach for 3 years now and we are very satisfied with our current communications provider Cox cable. When we first arrived here we were using a different communications provider and i wasn't happy with the cable TV service because our son watches the PBS station and we kept getting interruptions in our service, especially when my son would watch his sesame street show in the morning. I had some techs come out to look at the cable service and they had to go up to the top of the ceiling in our sons room and replace some wiring so i thought it would be fixed but a few weeks later we started getting the same problem again. I wasn't very happy with their service because they damaged some ceiling tiles while accessing the ceiling so i made them pay for it but we never did get good cable service from this company. I had telephone service with another communications provider as well but the coverage was not good at all and they were charging us way too much for basic phone service. My wife uses the cable Internet to talk to her family back in the Philippines and sometimes she would get disconnected for no reason. This went on for months so you can just imagine the frustration we were feeling. I happen to see our neighbor one morning and asked them if they were experiencing the same problems we were having and our neighbor told me they hadn't. That's when my neighbor told me about some great Cox cable deals and that we could save money by switching to one communications provider and taking advantage of the complete Cox bundle service. So after speaking to a customer service representative about our problems they told me that they could solve all our communications problems. I'm glad i spoke to my neighbor that day and after switching to cox communications we're very happy to say that we haven't had any more problems with our cable TV, Internet, and phone service since. Thanks cox communications!

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