Friday, September 25, 2009

My poor son fell and got boo boo.

Today after i got home from work today i gathered up the family and told them that i will take them to the beach so we could get out of the house. My poor wife and 2 kids are always couped up in the apartment and don't get out as much as i do because i work full time. I feel bad for them but even more so today about my son when he was walking along a wall and we were watching him and he turned around and tried to sit down on the wall but slipped and fell head first onto a concrete ground with a drainage grate below. My gosh i was freaking out. I feel like i let my son down as his father. I wont ever let that happen again son. Daddy is so sorry and i donut like to see you get hurt and get boo boo. He was bleeding in his mouth and i guess he must have bit his tongue. He's ok now because we went home right away and gave him fresh bath, change his diaper, put on fresh clothes and feed him his favorite, bottle of milk. It was good to get the family out but i don't want to deal with that kind of problems with my family.

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