Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not more hot weather!

Urghhh. I'm so tired of this hot weather. San Diego is in for another heat spell as a high pressure is coming in from the ocean. Today while i was sleeping i could feel the heat coming. This is only the second day of autumn and already I'm tired of it and can't wait for winter to come. They say that autumn is the hottest time of the year but i don't know why. You would think that summer would be the hottest time and autumn is normally associated with the leaves on trees turning color and windy days but that's in Massachusetts were i was raised. It's different here in California. Weather forecasters are predicting record temperatures tomorrow as we will feel the full force of this latest heat wave. Ahhh geeez! I don't think you want to be inside the house unless you have a/c and the last time i checked, we don't have it. :-(

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